The Crew

The Leonard Family

The Leonard Family

The Leonard Family

All five members of the family were born and raised in Southern California. The outdoors, specifically the ocean, has been a major part of all of their lives. Both Mandi and Scott swam competitively growing up. Scott had a long career playing water polo for UCLA, the USA National Team and even spent a year in Europe playing professionally. And now he coaches the boys’ water polo team. Mandi has spent numerous hours being towed behind a ski boat and has SCUBA dived all around the world.

The Leonard Boys

The Leonard Boys

The Three Little Birds

The final inspiration needed to turn this adventure from a dream into a reality are the three Leonard boys; Griffin, Jake and Luke. The boys are excited about the trip, yet apprehensive to leave their friends behind. On the entertainment front, it has been an eye-opening task to scale down their toys and projects to a few choice items for the journey. It has been a valuable lesson in prioritizing. In all, they are an adventurous three-some, who have a great ability to rise up to challenges with a positive outlook.

As part of the preparation for this trip, the three boys have always shared a bedroom. Although we are downsizing our family living space by seventy-five percent, the boys perceive the boat as bigger since they will each gain their own bedroom; but give up a dedicated “playroom,” family room, living room, separate dinning room and a yard with a tree fort. When asked what they are looking forward to most on this trip, they all reply; “having my own bedroom and bathroom”. Although, they are not looking forward to cleaning their own bathrooms which is a strictly enforced duty for the crew of The Three Little Birds.

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  • Medical Training with MedAire

    Before embarking on an epic adventure, the Leonard's needed some help with crew medical training, onboard medical kits, and 24/7 live medical support; MedAire, an International SOS company, comes to the rescue.


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