Luke Leonard

Luke Leonard

Luke Leonard (Pre-Kindergarten – 4 years old)





Luke, “the baby,” completes the three little birds. Even though he is the youngest by quite a few years, he is not one to be overshadowed by his brothers.

At this stage, it is difficult to determine what his enjoyments and strengths will be. He spends much of his free time being dragged around to his bigger brothers’ activities.

For now, Luke just loves being a 4 year old, reading stories with anyone, building puzzles, drawing pictures and making up games with all of his dinosaurs. He is crazy about sea life and can spend hours floating on the water with his snorkel and mask. Luke already has an impressive start on a shell and sea glass collection. Combing the beach for new treasures is always exciting. We all love having him around. He adds such a fresh outlook to all of our endeavors. Let’s not make him grow up too fast.




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